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Part #: 20677



This small plastic disposable retainer is AAR approved to secure nonmetallic, disposable strapping to existing boxcar interior sidewall anchors, replacing the standard loop-n-knot method of securement.



AAR, G.I.S. No. 681 specifies that joined strapping is to have a minimum joint strength of 2,970 lbs. Both IRECO and AAR test results show that the strapping begins to break between 3,500 4,000 lbs. for both the loop-n-knot method and the IRECO Strap Retainer method. The AAR also performed cycle-tests to verify that the retainer will not fall out as the system cycles between tightened and slackened states. Several trial runs containing paper rolls have been successfully completed.



  • Apply the retainer in seconds. Save application time, no need for looping three times, or knotting at the wall anchor.
  • Remove the retainer in seconds at destination. Save significant removal time, no need for cutting or burning strap knots off the wall anchors.
  • Safe use. Since no cutting of knots is needed, the chance for personal injury is minimized and the otherwise inevitable damage to the car wall paint is eliminated.
  • No slack in tie-down system. The knot method produces up to 8 inches of slack, per anchor point, as the knots tighten and slip during coupling impacts. The IRECO Retainer allows no slippage and contains no inherent slack.
  • The retainer can be reused, but is priced such that it can be considered disposable.